Obojobo is UCF’s new online tool that provides a multifaceted interface capable of building, containing and utilizing instructional components. These components, basic in structure and rich in media capabilities, are designed to include innovative help features and assistive guidelines to better support designers and authors throughout the development process.

Our vision was to provide a tool that is both a repository and a collaborative medium that functions by facilitating learning via the finest assessment capabilities available. As a result, Obojobo was created by the CDWS staff with guidance and feedback from students, instructional designers, and faculty throughout Florida. Going forward, the development team continues to work avidly on the enhancement of Objobo’s subsequent release and the creation and implementation of innovative features. Be sure to check our progress at our Twitter Page.

The Obojobo Development Team

  • Ian Turgeon [’06-Current] – Project Lead, System Architect
  • Zach Berry [’05-Current] – Project Co-Lead, UI Designer & Developer
  • Luis Estrada [’07-’08] – Back-end Developer
  • Jacob Bates [’05-’07] – Back-end Developer

Key Contributors

We greatly appreciate the guidance and feedback everyone has provided to make Obojobo a great tool.

UCF Library

  • Barry Baker – Director
  • Corrine Bishop – Information Literacy Librarian
  • Elizabeth Killingsworth – Interim Head, Information Literacy & Outreach

UCF Center for Distributed Learning

  • Barbara Truman – Vision And
  • Kitzzy Aviles – Content Development Expert
  • Jacob Bates – Early Application Engineer
  • Manny Duarte – User Experience Support
  • Patricia Le Claire – Content Development Expert
  • Kelvin Thompson – Vision and Learning Object Structor Design
  • Francisca Yonekura – Vision and Design Support
  • Michelle Cavanaugh – Tech writer

Version History

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