Frequently Asked Questions


  • I can’t login! – Your NID password is probably expired. Visit the NID Password reset page here to reset your password. This should fix 99% of login problems.
  • I can login to Webcourses, but not Obojobo – The passwords for these systems are out of sync. Reset your password here which will reset the password for both systems.
  • How do I get an account? – By default, all UCF affiliates that have access to myUCF will have Obojobo accounts.
  • What is my login group? – View Login Help for more information.
  • What is my username? – If you are a UCF student, faculty, staff, or affiliate, your username is your NID.
  • What is my NID? – You can determine your NID here. For more information on NIDs, click here.
  • What is my password? – Your password is your UCF NID Password.
  • I don’t have a UCF Card Number – If you are a guest without a UCF ID Card will need to call the Service Desk (407-823-5117) to reset your password.

Information for Students

  • How do I find a learning object? – Your professor has sent you a link to a Learning Object assigned to you. Links can be found in several different areas of your online course. The most common places to find links (URL) are in course modules, course discussion boards, and your course email. You will need to contact your professor and ask him for the correct link.
  • How do I review my scores? – To review your previous scores, you can re-visit a Learning Object and click on the ‘Assessment’ tab to view your scores.

Information for Faculty & Staff

  • How do I link to a Learning Object? – You need to provide links to Instances which are available in the Repository in the “Published Instances” section. Select an Instance and copy the link in the yellow box inside the ‘Instance Details’ panel.
  • How do I get scores for my Learning Object? – Assessment scores are available under the “Assessment Results” tab in the “Published Instances” section. From here, you can click ‘Download Scores’ to download a CSV of all scores.
  • How do I get scores from Obojobo into Webcourses? – Detailed instructions with video are included here: Manually Exporting Scores Into Webcourses.
  • Can I modify Learning Objects? – Some objects in the ‘Public Library’ may allow you to modify them by creating a derivative work. For more information, read about the Public Library (Note: You will need to be logged-in to view this link).
  • Can I create my own Learning Objects? – You can create Learning Objects if you have a ‘Pro’ account.

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