Basic and Pro Accounts

The Obojobo Repository supports two different account levels: Basic and Pro accounts.

Basic Account

With a Basic account, you can publish Instances and create derivative works from the Public Library. By default all faculty and staff new to Obojobo have a Basic account.

Pro Account

A Pro account grants you the features available in a Basic account plus the ability to share and author your own Learning Objects.

Feature limitations

As a Basic account user, you may encounter some features in the Repository that are disabled to you. These are shown in the interface as a light-blue button instead of a typical purple button. Clicking on one of these buttons will bring up a dialog notifying you that the feature you attempted to access is disabled for Basic account users.

Gaining a Pro Account

To gain a Pro Account, you will need to fill out the Pro Account Request Form.


Once you have submitted the Pro Account Request Form, you will be contacted as soon as possible. If you wish to inquire on the status of your submission, you can contact through Online@UCF Support.

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