Building Content

The Content section is where you convey a message to help your students achieve the learning objective you established.

Content may take many forms, including text, graphics, audio, video, animations, interactive media, or a combination of any of these forms. The key is to select the most appropriate medium to convey the facts, concepts, processes, procedures and/or principles of the subject matter in a direct and concise manner.

Below are some general guidelines to keep in mind when developing content, followed by specific guidelines for each media type.

General Guidelines


A good rule of thumb is to provide between 5-15 minutes worth of content per Learning Object, with no more than 2-3 media types at a time.

Diversity of Media

Try to provide enough detail in your content without using too much of one media type, as this can be overwhelming to the learner.


Be consistent in how the information is organized throughout the Learning Object. This includes the layout, tone, organization of content, and instructional techniques.

Appeal to Students’ Interests

Try developing a plot for your content; possibly, one that leads your learners on a journey that fosters interest and encourages active involvement with your subject matter. Organizing content in a story format can turn academic delivery into a more engaging experience. For example, try adding a subtle plot twist or plant something in your explanation that is later revealed to have great significance or a deeper meaning.

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