Building Learning Objectives

This guide assumes that you are already logged into Obojobo and creating a new Learning Object.

Building a Learning Objective

Your Learning Objective should encapsulate the following:

Task: What you want the learner to be able to perform or complete.

Learning Conditions: Any special conditions under which the learner will complete the task.

Performance Expectations: Criteria for how well the learner will perform or complete the task.

For assistance in writing an effective Learning Objective containing all three elements, click the blue-bar above to open the Objective Builder. Below are a few examples of effective Learning Objectives.

  • Example: Given electric quadrupole diagrams, the learner will determine the stability features of the equilibrium points on an electric quadrupole for charged particles, with 80% accuracy.
  • Example: Given an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet, the learner will identify the primary plot details with 90% accuracy.
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