Migrating content to the new HTML viewer

Version 2.0 has brought a new HTML viewer to replace our Flash one. Here are some key differences between the old and new viewers that you will want to consider when editing your existing objects or creating new ones.

Topic Flash Viewer HTML Viewer
Text & Media Layouts Text and Media was compartmentalized. Users could click and drag between page elements to increase or decrease the size of a text or media item. Now text flows around any media content, behaving more like a magazine article. Users no longer need the option to click and drag to change the size of text or media content.
Navigation Navigation was always on the top of the page. When a user reached the end of a second they needed to click on the start of the next section to continue. ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons have been added to the bottom of the page for easier navigation. Pages have been added between sections that guide users to the next section.

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