Supported Media Types

One of Obojobo’s goals is to provide a media-rich learning experience. This is especially true when it comes to custom content and non-traditional Practice and Assessment features. Listed below are the supported media types of Obojobo.

Supported Media Types


  • PNG – (.png) used for high quality images with transparency support. PNG on WikiPedia.
  • GIF – (.gif) used solid color graphics with limited transparency .GIF on WikiPedia.


  • Flash CS3 – Flash 9 is recommended in most cases.
  • Flash 6,7,8 – Obojobo can load older Flash content, however there is no guarantee it will function properly. Unfortunately, there are some complex issues in Flash preventing flawless playback. We recommend only using older Flash content when necessary and only when the content is a simple animation that does not contain complex scripting. Captivate is currently the only exception.

Captivate: Using Captivate Quizzes in Assessment

Obojobo offers unprecedented quiz integration with Captivate 5. This feature allows you to easily create Practice and Assessment quizzes in Captivate; meanwhile, Obojobo will automatically detect when the student finishes and will report his or her score to the server.

This integration requires new/existing Captivate quizzes be built to the following standards:

  • Contains one quiz with as many questions as needed
  • Captivate file as a single .swf

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