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UCF Students, Staff & Faculty:

  • This log-in uses your UCF NID and UCF NID Password (The same password used for Webcourses).
  • UCF NID: Your NID, or Network ID, is composed of the first two letters of your first name and a six-digit number. If your first name has only one character, the character is duplicated to create the two letters for your NID. The six-digit number is randomly generated. If you work at UCF, your NID may be different from the default format. Determine your NID.
  • NID Password: Your NID password is used for several systems on campus. These include but are not limited to the Main Computer Labs, WebCT, Webcourses@UCF, Obojobo, and several others. If you are having trouble logging in, resetting your NID password may help. Click here to change your NID password.
  • For a tutorial on resetting your NID password, watch the following video:

Resetting Passwords

If you suddenly have a problem logging into Obojobo, the most likely problem is that your password was reset. If you find that you can no longer log-in to Obojobo (but you can still log-in to Webcourses), your passwords for these systems are probably out of sync. Resetting your password for Obojobo will change the password for both systems, allowing you to log-in again. Visit the central reset form to reset your password.


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