Version 1.2

  • New – Editor: The entire editor interface has been re-built using Flex. The interface should be easier to use and better integrated into the Repository. The old editor will still be available till the next update (to use the old editor, In the Repository, click the “My Account” button, select the “Preferences” tab, and then check “Use the old Editor Interface” check box).
  • New – Editor: WYSIWYG text input fields allow you to set text formatting options using a clean interface.
  • New – Editor: Spell checking is now enabled on nearly every text input with exception of the objective builder and keywords input.
  • New – Video: Obojobo now supports upload and playback of flash video files (.FLV) and externally linked YouTube videos. (Note: YouTube videos are hosted on an external network, and may not be available for various uncontrollable reasons.)
  • New – Documentation: A whole new section for creating Learning Objects is available in the help (note, you must be logged in and have creator privileges)
  • Bug Fix – Repository: When viewing the “Instance Details” tab in the Published Instances section, the Download Scores button does not function properly.
  • Bug Fix – Repository: Download Scores – Downloading scores may fail on instances with many scores.
  • Bug Fix – Editor: Mouse wheel support is partially supported.
  • Bug Fix – Editor: When opening the editor, you may receive a message similar to the following: “This object, ‘undefined’, is currently being edited by undefined and therefore has been locked.”
  • Bug Fix – Editor: When adding or editing multiple choice questions, on occasion, the multiple choice interface may glitch.
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