Version 1.3.1

Obojobo is now at version 1.3.1. Read about some of the key new features and changes below;

  • Obojobo is now requiring Flash Player 10. You can upgrade Flash Player in a matter of minutes by visiting the Flash Player download page.
  • We are always working towards improving and expanding our help documentation. We’ve started adding a few tutorial videos, with plans to add many more. Read the next two points for more information on changes to our documentation:
  • New – Documentation: We now have a tutorial with video of how faculty & staff can import scores from Obojobo into a Webcourses grade book. Note that you must be logged in before you can access this page. View the tutorial here.
  • New – Documentation: We have a video demonstrating how to reset your UCF password. You can view this video here.
  • New – Editor: The editor now supports undo and redo functionality. When using the editor, you can find undo and redo buttons at the bottom center of the page.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the Repository which caused very long objects or instance names to stretch panels and windows.
  • Bug Fix – The last version incorrectly removed the white background for media elements in the Viewer interface. Media elements in the Viewer will now have the correct white background.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed various small bugs and typos.
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