Version 1.3.2

Obojobo is now at version 1.3.2. Read about some of the key new features and changes below:

  • NOTE – Any internal Obojobo users (all users that have a username that begins with a tilda (~) character) who previously used the ‘Others’ link to login will now login through the ‘Guest’ option.
  • Fix – The issue affecting our Mac users with saving media scores (as described here) has been resolved.
  • New – Advanced score reporting: Repository users can now view more detailed score reporting (including user responses). To access this feature, select an instance from the ‘Published Instances’ section, and then click on the ‘Assessment Scores’ tab. Finally, click on the small green ‘A+’ button. Click here for more information.
  • New – Media uses dialog: Repository users can now see where a media asset is being used. Select a media asset from the ‘Media Assets’ section, and then click on ‘View Uses’ to view this information.
  • Fix – Zooming controls: The viewer now has more robust zooming controls. Click on the ‘Open Menu’ button in the upper left-hand corner of the Viewer to access these controls. Zooming now scales the entire page instead of scaling text.
  • Fix – Windows in the Repository and Editor are now keyboard friendly. ‘Esc’ should cancel out of a window.
  • Fix – Fixed an issue in the Viewer where starting another attempt would not clear out the responses from the last attempt.
  • New – Viewer score recorded notifications: The viewer has been tweaked to make it more apparent which answers have been recorded and which answers have not. Documentation for this feature will be coming shortly.
  • New – All media content now contains a loading bar.
  • Fix – The ‘Search’ fields for the Repository (previously labeled as ‘Filter’) should now correctly filter content.
  • Fix – Significant work has been done to the internals of Obojobo to improve the system.
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