Version 1.3

Obojobo is now at version 1.3. Read about some of the key new features and changes below;

  • New – Obojobo is now more integrated into UCF, joining other applications such as Webcourses which now uses the same UCF NID Password.
  • New – Score reporting has been made more robust. You can now specify how Obojobo calculates the final score for instances with more than one attempt. You may choose for Obojobo to use the highest attempt score, the most recent attempt score or to take an average of all attempt scores.
  • New – Editor: Short Answer questions have been revamped. Now you may specify a list of possible correct answer choices instead of a single correct answer.
  • New – Editor: We have added media capability for Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions.
  • New – Editor: We have added question bank features in the form of Question Alternates. This allows you to create one question that contains multiple alternate forms. To enable this feature, click on the ‘Options’ button in the Assessment section of the Editor.
  • New – Editor: The ‘Description’ field (in the Metadata section) has been transformed into ‘Notes’. We felt that the description field was too redundant with the Learning Objective. This more open-ended notes field is presented to you in the Repository but is not presented to students. Therefore this field is now optional.
  • New – Editor: You can now export and import questions using Respondus formatting.
  • New – Repository: We have created the ‘Visit Visualizer’, a tool that allows you to see a visualization of how a user progressed through an instance.
  • New – Repository: Reorganized drafts and masters to be listed in one list instead of separating them. This prevents having to switch between a drafts list and masters list.
  • New – Repository: Lists of users and scores now sort by last name instead of first name. In addition, filter controls have been re-written so that searches are more intelligent in finding what you are searching for.
  • New – Viewer: The display of the overview page has been streamlined. In addition, the course information is displayed to help the student better identify what the instance is used for.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that would drop most permissions when a draft object was turned into a master. Now permissions are preserved when creating a master from a draft.
  • Bug Fix – The Viewer was using the title on the Learning Object instead of the title of the instance. Now instances correctly use the instance title.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where left/right content pages flipped the content in the Viewer.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue in the Viewer practice/assessment quizzes where the radio button of a possible multiple choice answer didn’t align vertically with the answer choice text.
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