Version 1.4

Obojobo is now at version 1.4. Read about some of the key new features and changes below:

  • New – The Obojobo system now provides the option for students to import previous scores for learning objects they have taken previously. All instances published before these updates have this option turned on by default. You can disable this option by selecting an instance, selecting the ‘Edit Details’ button, and uncheck the ‘Allow past scores to be imported’ option. If a student accesses an object they have already taken (and this feature is enabled), they will receive a dialog giving them the option to either re-take the assessment or to import the highest attempt score from a previous attempt. If they choose to import the previous score, that score will be the resulting ‘Final Score’ for that instance and they will not be able to take the assessment again. Read Previous Instance Score Importing for more information.
  • New – Repository: Instances can now be shared among colleagues with Instance Managers. This allows multiple users to manage details and view scoring data for an instance. Select an instance and click on ‘Managers’ to add and remove Instance Managers.
  • New – Repository: Data for attempts that were not submitted by the student can now be viewed in the Repository. This is helpful when a student forgets to submit an attempt.
  • New – Repository: The new ‘View Scores by Question’ feature gives you a powerful interface to see, on a question-by-question level, how students performed & responded on each question. You can access this feature by selecting an instance from the ‘Published Instances’ section, then clicking ‘View Scores by Question’ from the ‘Assessment Scores’ tab.
  • New – Help inside the Repository has been improved.
  • New – Both the Repository and the Viewer now utilize the Menu button (shown in the upper left hand corner of the screen). To log out of the Repository, click on the Menu button and select ‘Logout’. The Menu button also provides a ‘Zoom View’ feature which allows you to scale the Repository and the Viewer up or down.
  • Bug Fix – Viewer: The score results screen no longer shows an incorrect date for the attempt submission time.
  • Bug Fix – Viewer: Fixed an issue where logging out of the viewer resulted in an error message.
  • Various bug fixes, optimizations & improvements.
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