Version 1.5

Obojobo is now at version 1.5. Read about some of the key new features and changes below:

  • Logins into Obojobo are no longer grouped between ‘UCF User’ and ‘Guest Login’. Both users will now simply use the same username/password login.
  • New – The Viewer now provides the maximum amount of space to questions. Previously both questions and answers took up 50% of the available area, regardless of content.
  • New – The Repository now provides an ‘Updated’ column in the ‘Assessment Scores’ section. This column provides the date of the most recent assessment attempt submission.
  • New – The Editor now provides some new text content editing tools: Page links, external links and tooltips. These tools are available in Content pages, text questions and multiple choice and short answer question feedback. Page links look like a typical HTML link, but instead navigate the user to a specific content page in an instance. External links will link outside of Obojobo to a webpage. Tooltips provide additional information to a portion of text through a small in-line popup.
  • New – In addition to the text content editing tools, content pages in the Editor now have an ‘Advanced’ mode which will allow you to input HTML directly.
  • Bug Fix – Editor: Fixed an issue where the window to edit a practice or assessment question would no longer display.
  • Various system improvements and fixes.
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