Learning Objects, Reinvented

Unstructured Ideas

You have something to teach, but how?

Some of the best ideas never get started. Obojobo's creative tools make getting started easier and keep you on target as you go.

Craft Experiences

Tools that make your ideas look great.

Obojobo gives you pro-level tools to craft your expert knowledge into learning experiences. With our professionally designed layouts you can build engaging modules that will look great on any screen.

Vet it with X-RAY

Avoid mistakes with our guidelines

With a team of world renowned instructional designers, PhDs, and teaching faculty, we designed a clear and precise set of guidelines to keep you on track. You'll build with confidence on your first try.

Publish and Share

Share with your teammates and students

We integrate with Instructure's Canvas to make publishing and retrieving scores as simple as you need.

Working in a team? Obojobo easily shares your modules at all phases of development.

Measure what Matters

Powerful stats that help you teach better.

Our geeky stats and graphs help you understand your students and content. Drill deep into individual experiences or graph your whole university, we have a growing analytics suite that will keep you informed and help guide your next initiative.

Success by Numbers

Obojobo gets better the more you use it.

Sure, your new learning module is great all by itself, but imagine what this powerful tool can do with thousands of learning modules!