Meet Obojobo!

Obojobo's creative tools enable you to create modules with the content, assessment, and feedback you deem necessary for your students to master the learning objective at hand.

The system is designed with reusability and sharing in mind. Invite your colleagues to co-design the modules by sharing the modules at any stage of the design process.

We integrate with Instructure's Canvas to make publishing and retrieving scores as simple as you need.

Powerful for Learning Design Research

  • Do you need data to help your students achieve the objective at hand?
  • Do you want to find out about the effectiveness of your module?
  • Should you add a module to build upon prior learning module objectives?

Obojobo can provide data to inform your teaching and learning practices!

Students’ Feedback About Obojobo

Students appreciate the user experience of the system. They could see the instructor has put together modules on point with the course's content. Students also appreciate having the option to bring their assessment score for a module previously completed successfully.